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Running your own brand can be a lot to handle, The Method Design honors your brand identity and creates something that’s true to your industry and unique your business. Our aim at The Method Design is to provide and power strong and resonating brands that continue to inspire your companies success. We offer a full-service brand experience including graphics, logo creation, web design, search engine optimization for your site, and assistance in content writing and social media marketing. 

The Method Design can take your small business to the next level by
supplying the aesthetic you need to turn heads and make a statement.










"The Method Design has changed my perspective on the way business is done. My clients rave at how my brand comes together and is so rich. I give all thanks to The Method Design. From my brand image to my website designs and digital graphics. It's like they were made for me!

Alisha Hinton • Lisha Lou  •  Lakeland, FL

"I highly recommend working with The Method Design hands down! From the customer service, to the turnaround time, to the stunning design work, I couldn't be more impressed! Emily has exceeded my expectations in every way possible! Thank you so very much!"

Jessica Privitera • The Park  •  Rochester, NY

"Emily is such an awesome person to work with! Such an out of the box thinker and so versatile. I gave her some bad sketches of what i had in mind and she had at least five mockups made for me to look at and asked for honest feedback. It's all original work too, not using a template or someone else's work to give her inspiration. She always asks me questions about what i'm wanting like, what I liked/disliked, coloring etc... So she can get a feel of what i'm really shooting for. I'm always throwing new ideas and concepts at her and she ALWAYS delivers 110%. I can't recommend her enough for all of my merch, designs, graphic, and logos. So glad i chose The Method Design to brand my Bakery!

Jordan Hayes • Hayes Bakes  •  Scottsville, KY

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